Access 2007 Inside out


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Microsoft Office Access 2007 Inside Out

I was honored with the opportunity to work side by side with the living legend John Viescas on this project. John is a renowned author, speaker, and Access database designer. He has been working with Access since version 1.0 came out in the early 1990s. We teamed up together to work on his latest book with the new Microsoft Office Access 2007 program.

John and I spent approximately a year of time becoming familiar with the 2007 release, testing the program for bugs, revising existing sample databases, and adding in new material. Working with John on this project was a rewarding experience in my life and I’m honored to count John as one of my friends. It’s hard to imagine that we completed this project while being separated by thousands of miles, one ocean, and nine time zones. (John lives in Paris, France and I live in the western United States!)


Our book is packed not only with information concerning Access 2007, but we also include topics about general database design and development. We also cover connecting your Access program to other data sources including Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Our book of course would not be complete without covering all the new features of Access 2007 including the new Office Fluent Ribbon interface, the Navigation Pane, the new Layout and Report views, and countless other additions. The accompanying CD comes packed with additional sample databases, articles, and chapters. We simply ran out of room in printed text so Microsoft Press added several chapters onto the CD. I believe there is around an additional 250 pages of printed material on the CD. You definitely get your money’s worth out of this comprehensive resource!

I hope you enjoy reading this massive book. If you want to learn the "insides" of Access 2007, this is the book you need! It has everything and the kitchen sink!

2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out

I'm also very pleased to report that Microsoft Press took six chapters from our Access 2007 Inside Out book and included them in the 2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out  book. You can find more information about that book by visiting this page on the Microsoft Press web site:

2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out