Access 2010 Inside Out


Here is a link to the book on Amazon's site for the 2010 edition of my Access Inside Out book:

Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out

My book covering Access 2010 is even larger than the 2007 release. The Microsoft Access development team added many new features to this release including the ability to publish your database to a SharePoint server running Access Services and work with your application inside a web browser. When you have a product as feature rich as Access is and then add an entirely new server element into the picture, there was a lot of new material to cover. This book has approximately 1400 printed pages, plus an additional 400 pages of extra chapters and articles on the accompanying CD.

There are many books concerning Access 2010 on the market, but no other book gives you as many insights, tips, and tricks as this one does. I have the unique experience of testing the product every day in my job as a Software Test Engineer for the Access team. Throughout the course of writing this book, I consulted with the program managers, developers, and other testers who worked on Access 2010. With this book, you'll learn first hand about all the new features in Access 2010 from the people who designed, developed, and tested the program.

The accompanying CD is packed full of sample client and web databases that you can use to follow along with my chapter examples. You can also use these to study other feature areas in more detail that I couldn't cover within the text.


You can view a demo of my main Access Services web application used in this book on the Access Show: Access Services Demo

Here are just a few of the new Access 2010 features covered in this book

  • Designing web tables
  • Using Application Parts
  • Using Data Type Parts to quickly add new fields or groups of fields to your tables
  • Creating data macros to add business logic to the data layer
  • Exploring the new Logic Designer to create macros
  • Working with web queries
  • Using web templates
  • Designing web forms that display in a web browser
  • Using shared images throughout your forms and reports
  • Changing theme styles to quickly change the look and feel of your entire application
  • Designing web reports that display in a web browser
  • Creating web macros to automate your application in a web browser
  • Publishing your web database to a SharePoint 2010 Server to create an Access Services site
  • Working with your application in a web browser, making changes to your application, and synchronizing those changes to the server
  • Instantiating web templates on the server
  • Customizing the ribbon and Backstage view
  • Creating your own custom Application Parts, Data Type Parts, and database templates  

There is much more material in the book, too. This truly is the most comprehensive book on Access 2010 and you'll get the unique perspective from the people who helped created the program. You definitely get your money’s worth out of this comprehensive resource!


Here is some feedback I have received on my book:

"I bought your book and have just finished all 1,440 pages of instruction, doing about 70% of the examples and how-tos. I simply have to express my admiration to you for this simply monumental work. I cannot fathom the hours this book must have taken. The results are nothing short of phenomenal.   You are a genius and I just have to say so."

"...the BOSS app is by far the best reference for unlearning VBA and learning how to apply macros.  I was counting the days until your book came out and it was worth the wait."

"I just bought your book Access 2010 Inside Out and want to tell you how impressed I am. I've never before bought a book that was so large that some of the chapters were delivered via CD with the book rather than printed in the book. Your book is the best source I have found to learn the new web database features of Access 2010. It is a godsend."

"I took several Access Tutorials and visited lots of websites to learn how to program (had never used VBA). I consider myself pretty savvy on the concepts of databases and programming, but I was really struggling. That is until one of my searches turned up a reference to your book "Access 2010 Inside/Out". I compared it to the other books available and then purchased it. I learned more from your book in one day than I had learned in 2 weeks using the other references. It is a great book. You write the way designers think and work. It makes a tremendous difference."

"Your Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out book is clearly the easiest book to follow I've encountered on the subject, while at the same time covering all the little goodies that exist inside the application. Other books I've read with the same content are nearly impenetrable in their readability."