Access 2013 Inside Out


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Microsoft Access 2013 Inside Out

The Microsoft Access development team focused their resources this time on enabling Access users to create and design Access web apps to use with a SharePoint server running Access Services, including Office 365. You can work with your web app inside a web browser. The web app features are a lot to cover, so the first 600 pages of my 2013 book is completely devoted to working with Access web apps. This book has approximately 800 printed pages, plus an additional 1100+ pages of extra chapters and articles available for download.

There are many books concerning Access 2013 on the market, but no other book gives you as many insights, tips, and tricks as this one does concerning Access 2013 web apps. I had the unique experience of testing the product every day in my job as a Software Test Engineer for the Access team. Throughout the course of writing this book, I consulted with the program managers, developers, and other testers who worked on Access 2013. With this book, you'll learn first hand about all the new web app features in Access 2013 from the people who designed, developed, and tested the program.

Included with the book are sample Access web apps and traditional desktop databases that you can use to follow along with my chapter examples. You can also use these to study other feature areas in more detail that I couldn't cover within the text. My Access web app samples are very complex and demonstrate many different techniques you can use in your own Access web apps.

Key features

Here are just a few of the new Access 2013 web app features covered in this book: 

  • Build an Access Services web app with Microsoft SharePoint Server and Office 365
  • Create tables in your Access web app using built-in templates
  • Automate your Access web app with data macros
  • Aggregate and display your web app data using totals queries
  • Use the new Autocomplete control to quickly search for related data
  • Create a Summary view to consolidate and group information
  • Display related data on your views with the new Related Items control
  • Package your web app for use by others in your organization
  • Use the SharePoint Store to install Access web apps
  • Change SharePoint theme styles to quickly change the look and feel of your entire app
  • Create UI macros to automate your app in a web browser
  • Work with your app in a web browser and make changes to your app
  • Create custom Action Bar buttons


There is much more material in the book, too. This truly is the most comprehensive book on Access 2013. You definitely get your money’s worth out of this comprehensive resource!

I hope you enjoy it!